Men can be notoriously hard to buy gifts for. If your man is fussy then with Valentine’s Day coming up, we run down some amazing gift ideas that would work well for most modern men these days. We’ll look at everything from fashion to tech and come up with some options to inspire your gifting search.

Tech gifts ideas for the modern man

Most men are into their technology in one way or another. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to technology-related gift ideas, but a few to start you off are:

USB devices – these come in lots of different shapes and styles. You can have a USB stick personalised, and they can go up to any budget. If you want one that is gold and encrusted with diamonds, you can probably get one.

Laptops and PC’s – depending on your budget then a new laptop is a good idea for tech-head guys. Think about what your man uses his computer for most. Once you have a rough idea, then you can start looking for laptops that fit the bill. If he plays a lot of computer games, then a laptop with a good graphics card is a must. If he uses it for work, then think about what packages, you’ll need alongside.

Fashion gift ideas for the modern man

A season-less piece of fashion is a good place to start if you are stuck for gifting ideas. A beautifully wrapped piece of fashionable clothing would make a lovely gift and would show that you know his style well.

Watches – There are so many watches to choose from that you’ll find it hard to make a choice! Watches come in all different shapes, sizes and colours so look for a design that matches his personal style sense. Think about what colour metal he prefers and work with this theme in mind.

Wallets – wallets make a great gift. Choose one with plenty of space for cash, cards, coins and family pictures!

Clothing – clothing can be a risky choice unless you know your man’s taste well. If you do, then go for something like a t-shirt or sweater that will be easy to get the right size.



Entertainment gift ideas for the modern man

Entertainment related gifts are always a popular choice. Think about the latest releases from the world of music, DVD and Blu ray. What consoles and games are popular right now and which ones has he been dropping hints about?

Games – find out which console he has and buy the latest game. You’ll have to look through his collection first to check he hasn’t got it! Read through reviews to see if they are worth the money.

Movies – check out the latest movie chart and see which releases are making waves. Don’t go for something that you want to watch, think about what he wants to watch and pick something in his favourite genre.

Music – why not buy an Amazon or iTunes voucher so that he can update his music collection? This is a thoughtful gift that also allows your recipient to choose for himself.

Travel and experience day gifts for the modern man

If you can’t think of a physical gift, then an adventure travel or experience day would work well. Take him to his favourite racetrack for the day. Let him drive a Ferrari or go for a hot air balloon trip. Thinking outside the box can often pay off!