It’s not always easy buying a gift for the woman you love. Her birthday is an important time to celebrate her and all the things you love about her. But it comes around every year, and each year you need to think of something new to buy her. Should you be getting more inventive every year or is it acceptable to get something similar each time? Do you let her pick something or surprise her with a present of your choosing? If you’re feeling stumped for ideas, try these for size. There’s something for every woman, whether your wife is sports-obsessed or the chef of the house.

Ms. Sporty

Is your wife the sort to get up at 5am for a daily run? Maybe she’s a member of a team or she’s always trying out new classes. She’s sure to appreciate a gift that shows your support for her passion. One of the things that sporty people are getting into at the moment is gadgets that help them with their workout. There are lots of things you can choose, but a favourite item is the FitBit and similar health stat trackers. The FitBit bracelet keeps track of your steps taken, and calories burned, monitors your sleep and can also be used to control your phone calls and music.


Stefano Mortellaro

Kiss the Cook

Not every woman is a natural cook, but some enjoy being in the kitchen much more than others. If your wife is the chef in the family or at least one of them, something to help her cook is a great idea. People who love cooking tend to enjoy experimenting, so getting her something new that she’s never tried before will probably go down well. You could get her a recipe book or meal kit so she can try a new type of cuisine. Kitchen gadgets are always great fun too, making cooking more convenient and fun. If you like cooking too (or even if you don’t), you could choose something you could do together, like a cookery course.

Gifts for Wonder Woman

Every many likes to think his wife is Wonder Woman, but some seem to hold more wonder than others. If you can’t fathom how your partner gets so much done in one day, you can encourage her to relax with your gift. There are plenty of things she can pamper herself with. For some luxurious bathrobes, click here. You could also look for bath products, candles and incense or even a personal massager.

Do It Yourself

If your wife is hands-on, always doing DIY and picking up new crafts, you can get her something useful or fun to use. You could either buy her a new tool for something she already does or get her something, such as a book, to start trying something new.

When you’re stuck for gift ideas for the love of your life, just think about what she likes. You’ll realise you know her better than you thought you did. But if in doubt, there’s no harm in asking!