When someone has helped you out or made a positive difference to your day, it can be a nice gesture to thank them with a gift. While a Thank You card is a sweet way to say thanks, sometimes you feel more indebted to make a bigger fuss. If someone you know has gone out of their way to help you have a better day then why not find them a perfect Thank You gift.

A bunch of flowers is a traditional thank you gift. Some flowers have a secret meaning. Hydrangeas are a lovely flower to offer if someone has been a good listener and advisor in your time of trouble. A bouquet of mature roses is a way to show your gratitude. Ask your local florist what they have in stock that will make a perfect gesture of thanks.

Boxes of chocolate are another favourite way to say thank you. Of course, they’re not always welcome as gifts if you are giving them to a dieter! With chocolates, the offer of something tangible is what the thank you is about. Rather than just words, you wanted to give something back, and it doesn’t really matter what it is. This modest gesture is ideal for recipients you are not close to.


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Photos presented in a sterling silver photo frame are a wonderful way of saying thank you. They can be given to a loved one who helped you with a big important decision. Family members who help with a newborn delight in receiving a picture of themselves with the baby. An elaborate presentation in silver helps demonstrate how thankful you are.

Bottles of wine and whiskey were once very popular ways of saying thanks to a man. Recently, the choice of bottle has become more elaborate. Rare bottles are now considered to be very special gifts. They used to be the choice of corporate gifts. Nowadays, for a big thank you to a male family member or friend, an exceptional bottle of something special is ideal.

While cash gifts have been seen as rude by some in the past, it is a quick, easy and convenient way to say thank you to someone who has helped you out. However, many older people would still see this as inappropriate so you would need to choose your recipient wisely. Some may also see it as a payoff. Children, however, delight in receiving money for their efforts!

If someone has helped you out, it is common to ask them to dinner at your home as a gesture of thanks. The dinner should be home-cooked and include wine at the table. Whether you choose to offer a gift and card as well is up to you. It might depend on how big an impact the help offered has made to you life. Saying thank you verbally will always be enough for the vast majority of people. Sometimes you can feel so grateful that you want to do more, and you want to return that help in any way you can. Say thank you today, and make someone’s day.