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Is there a special occasion coming up? Wondering what to buy that special man in your life. Men can be a pain to buy for. They like and dislike so many different things. Even if you do know what to get them, they may have already bought if for themselves. This is why things like games, films and music are a big no. Men are impatient. They cannot wait. They may not tell you by the time their birthday rolls around they have already bought that new game you found cheap online. They already own the superhero movie you knew they would love. You have to think outside the box. That is why we have gathered together some ideas you have probably never considered.

Morning Essentials

Every man shaves. Even if they grow their beard, shaving is a big part of their morning routine. They all wash and spray themselves with some form of deodorant. Although some may not smell like it. Why is that? Most men do not take their morning ablutions very seriously. They do not put much effort into what soaps and razors they buy. That is why a great gift idea is for you to do it for them. Like most great gift ideas for men, a morning care package is something they would never buy themselves. And they will appreciate it for precisely that reason.

Spa Treatment

Men do not like to admit they are tired are stressed. They would rather act tough and strong. They will build up a wall and pretend that no one can climb it. But here is the truth. Men are just as vulnerable as women. Stress is just as much an issue for them as it is for you. This is why you could think about getting your guy a spa day designed specifically with men in mind. We admit it may take them a while to get used to the idea. But once they are there, they will wonder what the big deal was.

Adventure Trips Together

If you a dating a manly man you may want to consider organising a trip designed to make him happy. For instance, we know that some guys would love the chance to go skydiving with their partners. If you are not afraid of heights, you can arrange this as a weekend surprise. Or how about a weekend mountain climbing? He will love the chance to flex his muscles. He will also appreciate that you put his enjoyment first.


Failing these ideas, you can always make the gift personal to him. If he loves his car then why not get him some new seats for it? This will improve your life as much as it does his. Fan of music? Buy him two tickets to see his favourite musician in concert. Or, if you are low on funds, two tickets to the next great movie on Imax. Many guys are obsessed with watching their favourite films on the biggest screen possible. Think of what he loves and be imaginative. If you do it right, you can enjoy his gift just as much as he does.