The year is still young and millions around the world are still struggling to keep their New Year’s resolution of becoming healthier in 2016. If you have a loved one that falls into this category, this is the ideal opportunity to mark those momentous occasions in style.

There are many different ways that you can embrace their bid for a healthier lifestyle to buy the perfect gift. Here are the best options on the market.

Magazine Subscription

As a newly found lover of health and fitness, your loved one is probably still looking for a way to improve their routines. A subscription to their favourite fitness magazine is a guaranteed method to provide those tips.

The information in those publications could be the key to unlocking a new level of health and fitness. It’s a particularly useful gift if the recipient spends a lot of time on public transport or working away from home. If nothing else, it keeps them interested in their new hobby.

From a gift-giving perspective, it also provides a regular reminder of your relationship. Whether it’s monthly or quarterly doesn’t matter. Each issue is a bonus.

Activity Day

Reading about activities is one thing, but partaking in them is another altogether. Treating them to a physical day out with friends is a great idea.

Paintball and similar activities aren’t only a great form of physical activity. But they provide lasting magical memories. Moreover, you can enjoy these adventure days with a group of people too. Another great aspect of this type of gift is that it gives them something to look forward to too.

Let’s face it, you’re going to enjoy the day out too. Perfect.

Cooking Equipment

If the recipient is serious about becoming healthier, they are probably just as focused on their diet as they are with their exercise. So don’t be afraid to embrace those feelings with a present for the kitchen.



Buying food is often unwise as you might not know their taste preferences. However, you can still help them create stunning meals with better gadgets and cooking appliances. A George Foreman grill, for example, can help them cook in a fast and healthy manner. It’ll improve their diet and save them time. If that isn’t a gift they can appreciate, we don’t know what is.

There are various other gadgets that can be used around the kitchen too. Take the time to analyse the options and you should find the perfect solution.

Sports Clothing

Once your friend starts hitting the gym on a daily basis, they’ll find that one outfit is never enough. Treating them to some specialist sports clothing could be the best option available.

Footwear is best left to them. After all, it’s imperative that workout trainers are comfortable. However, t-shirts and clothing is an area where you can shop with relative ease. Alternatively, sports socks and base layer clothing can be crucial.

If the recipient prefers running on the streets, then a hat or gloves could be suitable too. Either way, improving their wardrobe is always a winner.

Sports Gadgets

Clothing isn’t the only necessary item for exercise. Boasting the best equipment is another must. The market is packed with great gadgets. With a little research, you should find the perfect solution for them.

The Nike+ sports watch is a great way to help them monitor their runs and physical activity. Tracking calorie burning can be very influential as they try to discover the best diet for their needs. Moreover, the competitive element of recording data online can serve as huge motivation.

As well as smart sports watches, you can use various other gadgets. This can be particularly useful if they favour a particular sport or activity.

Tools To Stop Bad Habits

Becoming healthy isn’t just about taking on new habits. It’s equally important to rid yourself of negative influences. Unfortunately, this can be one of the toughest challenges that your friend will encounter. But you can make a difference.



Luxury e-liquids from Flavour Factory E Liquids could be the key to helping them quit cigarettes. The vaping phenomenon is known to be one of the most effective methods available. However, smoking isn’t the only problem you could help with. You could also find a present that encourages a better relationship with alcohol.

This type of present is best reserved for your closest friends and family. In the right situation, though, it can be the greatest gift they’ll ever receive. After all, the benefits are something they can appreciate for years to come.

Music Items

Many health freaks find that music helps them focus on exercise. For many, physical activity isn’t just a way to get fitter. It can also form a fantastic way to shut off from the complexities and stress of modern life. Music is a great relaxant.

Most people can access music via their smartphones, and an iTunes voucher will allow them to download their favourite new album or songs. Meanwhile, finding the best headphones for runners can be hugely beneficial too.

Music is a key element in many people’s lives, especially when working out. Embrace it with these gift-giving options, and you can’t go far wrong.

Home Gym Equipment

Gaining the desire to exercise easy. But finding the time to hit the gym can be difficult, particularly in today’s fast-paced world. So why not help your loved one bring the gym home?

Basic gym equipment doesn’t have to be bulky or expensive. Dumbbells and free weights can give them the option of working out at home, which is very useful when juggling work and other commitments. Meanwhile, an exercise DVD and yoga mat can help transform the living room into a workout area too.

If you are buying for your husband or wife, then you could always convert the garage too. Boxing punch bags and other items can transform the space quickly. Not only will it help your loved one stay fit, but it will also enhance their relationship with the home too. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary doesn’t matter. This has to be a step in the right direction.