There are lots of occasions when it is appropriate to give a gift. If you are visiting relatives, you might want to take a little gift along. An invite to a dinner party usually warrants a contribution to the table in the form of wine or chocolates.

In addition to birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, you may want to give gifts for many other reasons. Perhaps your kids want to give their teacher an end of year thank you present? Or maybe your colleague is having a baby? These gifts are unlikely to be bottles of wine or whiskey. So what else can you give?


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When you don’t want to offer alcohol, or you think it might be an inappropriate gift, there are still plenty of other ideas to choose from. Many people enjoy sweet hampers or even cake boxes. These gifts are very popular because of how they are presented. Bath gift sets are equally well presented, so they too make an excellent choice for a gift.

Flower bouquets are also a good choice for an ‘everyday’ gift. As a gift for a loved one, you might choose a bouquet full of roses. Alternatively, a little basket or indoor plant could make a nice gift for someone who isn’t a family member. A box of chocolates from a popular brand is a lovely gift for anyone. A hand-selected gift box of chocolates is a special gift, ideal for close friends and family.

While clothing is an unusual gift to give between friends and colleagues, accessories are a great idea. Pick something in a colour they wear often. It might be a scarf, a necklace or even a purse. You might present them in a gift bag, or wrapped for the occasion.

If the recipient of your gift has a special hobby, like music, they may be quite appreciative of a themed gift. Even something small like a cat shaped mug, or a keyboard printed pencil set can be a perfect little gift. You can find themed gifts and merchandise easily online. Alternatively, head to a high street store relevant to that hobby to find some ideas.

Even if alcohol isn’t appropriate, there are some very good wines and drinks available that are alcohol-free. You can sometimes find a greater selection from specialist shops or cultural stores. There are also some soft drinks that are presented in gift bottles.

Some people have special interests in TV shows, movies or literature. If you can find some memorabilia relevant to them, this could make a perfect gift. Some signed copies of books or photos are very popular and often quite easy to get hold of from conventions or specialist markets.

There are so many different occasions when you might find it appropriate to present a gift. Whether it’s an office leaving do, or a neighbour was kind enough to watch your cat for you, a little gift lets the recipient know you are thinking of them. Finding a token gift for an everyday event can sometimes require as much thought as a special birthday gift might. But after all, it is the thought that counts!