woman-with-christmas-giftI’ve listed some gifts below that you may have thought of:

1) Appliances. Trust me this is not a good idea. I know you’re thinking “that’s practical” and we could use a new toaster, vacuum, etc. Speaking from a female point of view, it will send the wrong message. Giving an appliance to a woman is like saying “I think your place is in the kitchen. I think you should cook and clean”. If you need an appliance then you should purchase it together and split the cost.

2) Money or a gift card. Giving money or a gift card is like saying I think you’re worth this dollar amount and I didn’t have the time (or take the time) to pick out a real gift for you.

3) Movies. Let’s face it. You will most likely pick out what movie you’ll like to watch rather than what she likes. It will probably be some action adventure or gut wrenching thriller movie, right?

4) Electronics. I’ve been down this road before. Technology is always evolving and changing. You end up spending a lot of money to buy the latest gadget (phone, television, tablet, etc) only to find out a month later that it’s already outdated and practically obsolete. Why waste your money?

5) Clothing. I would advise against it. More than likely you do not know her size. If you try to guess her size then you will end up getting a size that is too big or too small and either way it will end badly for you. And you would also need to know what print or style she likes and whether or not she’s into the latest fashion trends. Why waste the time when she will probably go out and buy what she wants anyway.

OK, so now you know what not to get her. So now you need to know what is an appropriate gift to get her. Speaking from experience, women love to be pampered! Show her how much you love and appreciate her with a spa basket. Nothing says I love you like scented oils and candles, luxury lotions, and even a poem. That’s right, a poem that is already written out that you can take credit for. Or how about flowers? Not wilted flowers from a convenience store but a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered right to her door. Or how about rich decadent gourmet chocolates? Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially gourmet chocolate. Is she a wine connoisseur? How about some fine organic wine? Does she love coffee? How about fresh roasted coffee?

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