In order to find the right gifts when shopping for men, always keep their interests and passions in mind. What is their lifestyle? What gifts can make their lives easier? The following are several Christmas gifts for men this year.

GPS Navigator

If he does a lot of traveling and doesn’t own a a GPS navigator, this is a wonderful gift idea. This means he won’t have to drive around aimlessly when he’s lost. Everyone gets lost, so this will come in handy at some point for him.


Sports tickets

Experiences are always special because of the long lasting memories they create. If he has a favorite sports team, this is a gift he will surely love. No matter how big his, nothing beats seeing the game in person. StubHub is a great place to look for tickets.

DVD Box set

Most men I know love to watch T.V., and older men love to watch classic movies and shows from their childhood. There are box sets that cover just about every genre, certainly there is one he would enjoy.

Golf Accessories

Golf is probably the most common sport played by men, and is one of the few sports that he can play even as he gets older. If he loves to golf, there are a variety of gift ideas to consider. If he is serious about improving, consider instructional books and DVD’s. The Garmin GPS Handheld device has maps of golf courses all over the country that measures shot distances. This will give him an edge on the competition.

Magazine Subscription

If he has a passion, whether it be sports, cars, business, or money, magazine subscriptions allow him to stay up to date on all the happenings. What is also beneficial with magazines is they’re inexpensive and are the gift that keeps on giving.

Men for the most part are relatively easy to shop for. Identifying their passion and lifestyle is half the battle. All men have different tastes and hobbies, but there are gifts for all of them.

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